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Delhi Cosnsultancy Service offers a full range of recruiting solutions to help organizations of all sizes find, attract, and hire the best talent. Founded in 2006, we connect professionals to make them more productive and successful.
Team & Technology

Technology-driven automated and manual screening process. A team of industry experts to assure top quality of applicants.

Speed & Consistency

Our turnaround times are amongst the best in the industry. We strive for consistent, timely and reliable sourcing of staff.

Extended Reach

We have been providing staffing solutions since a decade now. Connected to a large pool of candidates in the Delhi/NCR region.

Our SpecializationProviding Superior Quality & Creative Staffing Solution

Talent Acquisition

We offer a full suite of recruitment services to help you find, attract, and hire top candidates. Let us help you find the right talent which best fits your business needs.

HRM Outsourcing

We help you in optimizing every part of your business operations to ensure you are delivering at your maximum capacity without worrying about hiring your own HR team.

Consulting & Strategy

HR professionals now have more opportunities than ever to impact business success. Our focus is on transformation of HR functions and professionals into strategic partners to the business.

Would you like that the day had more hours?

Delhi Consultancy Service works for hundreds of business owners and corporate leaders just like you.

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People & Policies

A more flexible, scalable and cost-effective approach to hiring & retaining high-quality candidates. Let’s work on this together.

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Structure & Process

For startups only a meticulous design of processes and strategies are going to work towards the realization of your corporate vision and business goals.

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Managed Services

Customized services from manpower & infrastructure optimization to robust scalable processes. We can help you everywhere!

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What is your growth plan? is your manpower right? right for coming 10 years? what needs to be done? Who is doing the planning?

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